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Action Plans

Parents, teachers, and community members can create action plans to foster solutions to the challenges that impede peace in schools, at home, and in their community.

We are happy to share a handful of success stories – real scenarios in which Ceeds of Peace tools and practices helped bring peace into action. They include stories from educators, parents, and community members and may be found below!


For Caregivers, Parents, Guardians, Grandparents and all Family Members

Action Plans help build family peace

families in action
Learn How Others Have Done It!


Activities and Techniques in the school environment

Foster peacebuilding in your school

Learn How Others Have Done It!


In your Workpace and in the Community

Build Peace in Community Interactions


Learn How Others Have Done It!

The Action Plan framework is a process we use in our workshops, where participants use to develop their action plans with their families, teachers, counselors, administrators, students, teams and/or co-workers. Peace Action Plans are built from the ground up, tailored to participants’ unique environments. First, you’ll identify the issue you wish to focus on, and think about who you need on your core team to implement a plan.  Next, write a vision statement, choose tools from the toolkit and activities, set action steps, and lay out a timeline.  Participants will work with their teams and Ceeds of Peace Facilitators through the pre-implementation process.  Then, when ready, they’ll implement their plan and bring their work back to the second workshop in our series, for feedback and additional fine-tuning. Following the second workshop, participants will continue implementing their plans, and then return to the third and final session to share successes and challenges.