Age 19+

All about Activists

Youth brainstorm a list of activists, leaders, philosophers, philanthropists, and others who have made a difference in their communities and/or the world. They identify the accomplishments, list favorite quotes, and create images and videos they feel represent each individual in a wall or digital display. Youth discuss how things would be different if the individuals …

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Autobiographical Story

To create an autobiographical story, start with the problem, tension, conflict or personal realization that will serve as the heart of the story. Then work backwards by describing the setting (place & time) and characters. Develop the story forward by describing significant life events leading up to the climax. Then resolve the problem, tension or …

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Being Responsible Online

Starting in the pre-teen years, many people use electronic devices and social media, and it is critical that we teach them how to behave appropriately and safely online. Have discussions about how the internet has improved our lives, but that there are also conditions to its use. Remind teens that their online “footprint” lives on …

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Brain Breaks

The brain alternates between various cycles (high and low) and hemispheres (left and right) throughout the day. To boost energy, enhance wellness, or get youth unstuck, provide brain breaks such as: physical activity, stretching, creative body movements, team-building exercises, sports, games, and free time. Brain breaks have the ability to reduce errors and stimulate learning; …

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Cast the Net

Ensure broad participation and diversity of representation in developing classroom, family, or community action plans. Have youth think about casting the largest possible net to gather supporters, stakeholders, resources, and collaborators for their projects. Draw a net and share with others who and what is in their net and why.