Age 5-13

Brain Breaks

The brain alternates between various cycles (high and low) and hemispheres (left and right) throughout the day. To boost energy, enhance wellness, or get youth unstuck, provide brain breaks such as: physical activity, stretching, creative body movements, team-building exercises, sports, games, and free time. Brain breaks have the ability to reduce errors and stimulate learning; …

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Cast the Net

Ensure broad participation and diversity of representation in developing classroom, family, or community action plans. Have youth think about casting the largest possible net to gather supporters, stakeholders, resources, and collaborators for their projects. Draw a net and share with others who and what is in their net and why.

Character Lenses

While doing creative writing, have youth investigate the people involved in their storyboards. What types of people were involved? What do you think they were thinking and feeling? Encourage the identification of at least three divergent perspectives and interests. Young people can do the same with poetry, prose, or film. What are additional perspectives that …

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