Ceeds Toolkit

Our Ceeds of Peace Toolkit is an important part of our 360º approach to raising to a generation of peacebuilding leaders. It is designed for use by parents/caregivers, teachers, and community members who interact with young people. It enables you to put knowledge into action with concrete efforts you can start today and continue every day. This Toolkit is a collection of activities, lessons, conversation starters, games, discussion topics, projects, and techniques that foster learning and growth of our seven core “Ceeds”:

7 ceeds

Each tool listed within is meant to help you grow, practice and reinforce peacebuilding skills within yourself and the young people in your life. Whether you are a parent/grandparent, a teacher, a community member (or all of these), you will find numerous tools to help model, foster, and grow the important seven skills listed above. The tools are separated by the Ceeds they connect to, as well as age/grade level, from infancy to adulthood. We encourage you to find tools that connect to multiple Ceeds, ideally all seven, to enable a constellation of skills within yourself and young people.

Research shows that the development and presence of skills such as “equality, generosity, curiosity toward the ideas of others, empathy, emotional intelligence, and emotional safety”  are more desirable in the workforce of today and the future, than are technical and field-specific skills such as technology and mathematics (Project Aristotle study by Google, 2017)Broad learning skills are the key to satisfying, productive careers, and it isn’t rocket science!

Communicating your needs and the needs of others, being a good coach, listening (really) well, welcoming other points of view, being supportive of your colleagues, and making connections across ideas, spaces, and cultures….these are skills that we aim to highlight. These are the life skills that will take our children far.

We thank you for your dedication to yourself as a significant mentor of young people, and your commitment to others and their learning. This is our shared responsibility, so let’s plant some Ceeds and grow some peace builders!

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