Scott Nishimoto

Don’t to Do

Instead of “Don’t hit,” try “Touch nicely” and demonstrate. Reinforce by asking, “How do you touch nicely?” Instead of “Don’t touch the lamp,” say, “You can touch and play with the pans.” Instead of “Don’t run,” say “Please use your walking feet.” Instead of “Don’t speak that way,” say, “Please speak respectfully, like this…,” and …

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Design Thinking

Map out the larger system within which a conflict or an issue resides. Discover how the system might be reinforcing the conflict or issue. Identify breaks in the system, rules and regulations reinforcing the conflict, etc. Map solutions for shifting the system. Network mapping (analysis of how a network is connected) is a powerful tool …

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Create Shared Values

Create a list or use pictures to chart individuals’ values, rules or expectations. Wherever there is a common value or expectation, you’ll find the foundation for a description of shared values, rules or expectations that will guide the groups’ behavior and interactions with one another moving forward.


These are promises people make to each other about how to act toward one another. They create shared accountability to outcomes. Find contract templates online or craft them together as a family or class with categories/sections that highlight the needs and wants of the community, the commitments made to one another, and the consequences for …

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Connections Map

Youth draw a map that identifies relationships people have with each other. From that map, they identify key decision-makers as well as people that might be missing or under-represented. They can take a look at where the power is held and discuss if all people identified have a voice. In an effort to more completely …

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