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Our mission is to raise peacebuilding leaders. We do so by creating community platforms and opportunities for adults and youth, educators, family members, service providers, those in the justice system, business leaders, the faith community, and non-profit professionals to work together in our collective pursuit to build sustainable, just, peaceful communities.

We share and model tools, activities, and best practices to develop leadership skills which we refer to as the “Ceeds” — hence our name, Ceeds of Peace.

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Public Training

Community Workshops

Our 3-Part Peacebuilding Workshop Series is our flagship program, training over 75 adults per year — educators, families, community members — in peacebuilding and action planning. This workshop is a professional development opportunity for Hawaiʻi DOE educators. Participants hear from Ceeds co-founders Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng and Dr. Kerrie Urosevich, and a variety of adult and youth presenters.

Designing A Stronger Tomorrow

Designing A Stronger Tomorrow is our newest workshop series, created in the midst of the pandemic. We bring together hundreds of participants to listen, learn, and interact with community peacebuilders. We then work with a small group of teams to facilitate the action planning process around topics including: Reimagining Education, Reimagining Racial Justice, Reimagining Economy, and Reimagining Climate Action.

Why? Reimagining education, reimagining racial justice, reimagining economy, and reimagining climate action with brainstorming post it notes under each category
Private Training

Private Offerings

We have four presentation/facilitation offerings for interested community groups, businesses, and schools that can be tailored to your needs: (1) 6-Part Training Session, (2) Private offering of 3-Part Workshop Series, (3) Facilitation Services, and (4) Retreats. Contact us for inquiries.

Youth Leadership Groups

We facilitate several youth-led action planning programs in partnership with several community partners. We create space and opportunity for youth to discover, express, and act on their voices and choices.

Youth Leadership Group at Wai Wai
We Are Not Climate Refugees Event at Waiwai

Community Events

We organize various events to bring awareness on peace-related issues, facilitate difficult conversations, and tackle community issues and tensions. We feature renowned peace activists, host film screenings, facilitate storytelling sessions, and hold panels.

Ceeds Leadership

Maya Soetoro-Ng

Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng

Founder, Peace Educator

Kerrie Urosevich Headshot

Dr. Kerrie Urosevich

Founder, Peace Educator

Scott Nishimoto Headshot

Scott Nishimoto, J.D.

Executive Director

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