Designing A Stronger Tomorrow

Designing A Stronger Tomorrow is our newest workshop series, created in the midst of the pandemic. We bring together hundreds of participants to listen, learn, and interact with community peacebuilders. We then work with a small group of teams to facilitate the action planning process around topics including: Reimagining Education, Reimagining Racial Justice, Reimagining Economy, and Reimagining Climate Change.

On the Courage to be a Peacebuilder

Dr. Maya Soetoro and Dr. Kerrie Urosevich

On Building the Beloved Community

Aunty Puanani Burgess

On Designing Creatively to Build Peace

Olin Lagon

On Raising the Next Generation of Peacebuilders

Dr. Kealoha Fox

On Celebrating our Work as Peacebuilders

Dr. Maya Soetoro & Dr. Kerrie Urosevich