Ceed’s Peacebuilding Co-Op Toolkit FAQ’s

• What is the Co-Op Toolkit?

This is a searchable collection, a database, of “Ceeds” — strategies, organizations, programs, websites, videos, etc. that are available to those of us seeking tools to build peace.

• What is a “Ceed”?

We think of peacebuilding resources like these as “ceeds” — like “seeds” of peacebuilding, but with a “C” with a nod to our Ceeds of Peace values: Courage, Critical thinking, Compassion, Conflict resolution, Collaboration, Commitment, and Connection.

How do I search the Co-Op Toolkit for “Ceeds”?

search by “Category” (attribute), or
search by “Word”, or
search by “Category” and then further target results by adding a “Word” search.

What do you mean by a “Category” search?

You can choose any one, a few, or all of our categories to target your search. As you choose and specify categories, you “narrow” your search thus reducing the number of matching “Ceeds”.

Eight “Categories” such as “Resource Type”, and “Age Range” each have multiple choices for you to specify.

Use any or all on the left side of the co-Op Toolkit.

• Why create the Peacebuilding Co-Op Toolkit?

Peacebuilders around the world are working on tried and new ways to build peace. As we at Ceeds of Peace lead our workshops and meet with our community members, we find it very valuable to introduce participants to a wide variety of peacebuilding approaches. So we spotlight leaders of other organizations, teachers doing peacebuilding work in classrooms, community activists and others to present in our workshops. Given the growth of use of virtual tools and information and of peacebuilding efforts, we felt we could serve those seeking peacebuilding approaches and tools and fellow peacebuilding organizations and leaders by providing a place to search, find, and to display. Hence, the Co-Op Toolkit! We hope you will add to it by clicking the “Contribute” link!

• Can I use the Co-Op Toolkit without searching?

Yes, you can explore all the “Ceeds”. Our collection keeps increasing, and all the resources in the database are displayed on the right. You can click through all the pages of resources to explore all Ceeds, if you wish.