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"100 Offerings For Peace: Day 22: Aáliáen Woman"



Aáliáen Woman explores my introspective journey beginning with a mental health journey to delve into traumas of my past. I took two years to seek out therapy, Vipassana meditation, dance experimentation, and journaling to develop these movement renderings. With the layering of personal trauma abstraction and magnified improvisation, this study is founded on the concept of being unfamiliar. With the use of Alice Walker’s “We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For,” I have codified the complexity of consciousness. With Walker’s “Overcoming Speechlessness,” I consolidated my internal rhythm with the book’s quote, Because consciousness is comforting.Ó by Lyrric Jackson, Performing Arts, USA / Suwanee, GA, Day 22 / July 27, 2020.

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