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"100 Offerings For Peace: Day 32: Shape the Peace"



Shape the Peace is an audio address in the style of Franklin Delano RooseveltÕs ÒFireside ChatsÓ. Creators Regan Linton and M. Graham Smith were inspired by their work on FDR Drag Show Ð a cabaret extravaganza exploring disability history, culture, and identity Ð to uplift FDR-style leadership and create a grounded and accessible call to action for addressing current global challenges. Shape the Peace motivates experiencers to use our collective strengths to interdependently triumph over the doubt and fear that prevent peace. ÒPeace does not mean escaping the reality of the world, but moving boldly within it.Ó by Regan Linton & M. Graham Smith with Monique Holt, Performing Arts, USA / Denver, CO, Day 32 / August 10, 2020.

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