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"100 Offerings For Peace: Day 46: Sehi"



ÒI give the short film Sehi as my peace offering. In English, I translate ÒSehiÓ to mean Òdaydreaming.Ó This project came to fruition during the early days of my quarantine where I discovered a deeper understanding of the feeling of missing. I also discovered that there is confusion within the dilemma of ÒbeingÓ in so many places, yet not ÒexistingÓ in any of them. This state of being physically present is contradicted by the mindÕs ability to travel while remaining completely still. Inspired by the differences between New York City and Tunis, I was compelled into a dual universe, one also inhabited by musicians I met along my path. I am honored to have Aaron Stokes on Cello, and Ron Gardner on upright bass for this piece.Ó by Nour Harkati, Musical Arts, Tunisia / Brooklyn, NY, Day 46 / August 26, 2020.

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