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"100 Offerings For Peace: Day 5: Breonna’s Billboard"



Roosevelt invites us to Òdo what you can with what you have where you are.Ó Pursuing this notion, artist Yazmany Arboleda painted an enormous billboard using a large wall on his rooftop that faces the corner of Essex and Canal Streets in lower Manhattan. Given how quickly our world has been transforming moment to moment, the hope is to create a space that expresses ideas in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement. The painting of the words on and off, again and again, is experienced like a ritual. We think of it as a ÒLiving SculptureÓ because we invite our communities to share what words they believe should be advertised, and the billboard gets repainted regularly. Curated, in collaboration with activist Dorienne Brown, content on the @BreonnasBillboard Instagram account, promotes #BLM awareness guiding followers to actions that seek justice for Black folks across the United States. by Yazmany Arboleda with Dorienne Brown, Visual Arts, USA / New York, NY, Day 5 / July 7 , 2020.

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