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"100 Offerings For Peace: Day 62: Crystals (On Peace)"



ÒCelebrating childrenÕs voices using music composition is an example of what peace means to us, and ÒCrystals (on Peace)Ó models the childlike play in our classrooms. Its structure is inspired by an activity where students write ÒI amÓ poemsÑlike the one Midori wrote for ÒCrystalsÓÑand compose musical gestures for each text line. ÒCrystalsÓ is also a celebration of identity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, musicians have lost their ability to connect with audiences in person. Camera angles in ÒCrystalsÓ allow viewers to be up-close to MidoriÕs musicality and humanity, despite the physical distance that the pandemic has created between us.Ó by Midori Samson with Brandon Scott Rumsey, Musical Arts, Musical Arts, Day 62 / September 16, 2020.

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