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"100 Offerings For Peace: Day 70: They Tried to Claim Us, But We Already Had Names – a (Re) Claim; Detroit Project"



This offering guides observers through a movement mediation in a rap on grace. In connecting to the past through TaÕRajee OmarÕs interactive dancing and Juan Michael Porter IIÕs dialogue, observers are given the opportunity to discover genuine inspiration without stealing from others. We acknowledge the ancestors who built this land without being allowed to prosper off of the fruits of their own labor. We sever our own ties to sustaining oppressive practices by following a Black womanÕs body and a Black manÕs voice into unknown territory and accepting that this is progress, precisely because it is new, uncomfortable, and iconoclastic. Our piece offering is the opportunity to discover new ways of expressing your own creativity, without burden or shame, while building new bridges forward that do not oppress others. by Ta’Rajee Omar, Juan Michael Porter, Christopher Woolfolk, Performing Arts, USA / Detroit, MI, Day 70 / September 26, 2020.

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