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"100 Offerings For Peace: Day 87: A New Story"



“100 Offerings of Peace” inspired me to ask how journalism could contribute to Peacebuilding and I found answers in the examples set by the Coast Salish First Nations here in Vancouver, who hold a clear mirror up to the world around themselves through the telling of their stories and the sharing of their spirit through words. We can only know our world, and all its challenges and triumphs when we know ourselves truthfully. That challenge must be met with bravery and I see that bravery in the work of my journalism colleagues and in the people who step up to share their stories with us. I dedicate this piece to those who are brave enough to keep telling their stories, to those who persist in the pursuit of those stories, and to those who listen and learn from those stories with humility. – by Maryam Ishani Thompson, Literary Arts, Iran & Canada / Hong Kong & Canada, Day 87 / October 15, 2020.

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