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"Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies"

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Become a professional peacebuilder with a Master’s in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

The Carter School trains the next generation of conflict resolvers at the cutting-edge of the field. Our interdisciplinary approach and dedication to experiential learning provides students with the analytical and practical skills they need to pursue the resolution of conflicts at all levels of society.

A graduate degree from the Carter School will enable you to:

✔ Influence and encourage others to pursue alternatives to war.

✔ Craft solutions to global challenges, as well as clashes within your community.

✔ Engage in important conversations of the day.

Why the Carter School?

Make a lasting impact in your chosen field

Engage in Experiential Learning
Hone your research and practice skills through local and international field-based courses.
Pursue Cutting-Edge Research
Independent research opportunities allow you to explore the most pressing questions in peace and conflict studies.
Specialize Your Course of Study
Learn to identify and select appropriate practices by engaging with real-world problems through a concentration of your choice.
Work Closely with Dedicated Faculty
Engage with faculty who are directly involved in innovative scholarship and practice in peace and conflict studies. At the Carter School, we don’t view learning as a one-way street: our students and faculty learn from each other!
Put What You Learn into Practice
Explore the complexity of conflict resolution and peacebuilding in project-based environments.
Build and Transform Your Career
Our interdisciplinary conflict resolution curriculum will prepare you for work in a variety of industries including security, education, human resources, federal government, and more.
Shared Passion
Master’s students come to the Carter School from a wide array of academic backgrounds and career experiences, but they all share one thing: a commitment to finding the role they can play in the amelioration of destructive, sometimes violent, conflicts.

Degrees that Drive Change

The Carter School was founded on the recognition that conflict is a whole-of-society phenomenon and transforming it toward peace and justice requires whole-of-society approaches. That’s why our top-of-the-field master’s programs offer an interdisciplinary curriculum that encourages students to identify the steps they can take to address conflicts at the interpersonal, community, institutional, national, and global levels.

Master’s Degrees

In person and online options available. Our graduate programs will prepare you to promote peace and practice conflict resolution.

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