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" 2022 Action Plan – Humanitarian Outreach for Migrant Emotional Health – Jenifer Wolf Williams "

Action Plan


Trauma therapist Jenifer Wolf Williams relocated to Dallas a decade ago and came to focus her practice on support of asylum seekers. A first major learning for her was that “asylum seekers are amazing people who are strong in their weakest moments and resilient in their greatest pain.”

Before these strong people can share their diverse gifts and enjoy peace here, they must deal with traumas they have experienced. When border problems prevented asylum seekers from making it to Dallas and receiving trauma therapy, Jenifer started visiting the border area to support immigrants by distributing flyers.

Given the complexity, it was difficult initially to “Envision the Harvest”, the first step in the Ceeds of Peace Action Plan Framework.  But as she worked she envisoned “Families Together and Everyone Safe” as the Harvest.

She saw the next steps to support this work– “Preparing the Soil” by finding her courage, building her team, and determining the strategic plan.


Planting the Ceeds, aka providing the trauma therapy support that asylum seekers require, together with legal representation, Jenifer found that immigrants achieve Asylum Grant status at far greater rates!  From 18% for unrepresented, untreated asylum seeker success to 31% with attorney representation, to a huge and healthy leap to 81% when supported by both attorney and clinical provider.  What an impressive rate of return on the investment of clinical support!

To Nurture to Sustain, to grow the capability of providing this support, Jenifer has founded a non-profit.