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" 2022 Action Plan – Peace from the Ground Up – Deborah Van Nacher "

Action Plan


Deborah Van Nacher teaches peace education in a high school located at a college.
Her students have chosen to focus on peacebuilding and the environment, so they have named this Action Plan “Peace from the Ground Up”.

“Envisioning the Harvest” steps included building a sense of community, changing the mentality that “you are on your own”, and connect with the environment and the humanity in others.

Preparing the soil …

The actions include the students creating pottery vases. Reaching out to a local cultural center will support learning to make the vases and will create new relationships. The vases will be auctioned at the school museum giving the student work visibility and gaining funds for our reforestation.

Our students work creating the vases attracted interest from other students in the school, expanding the impact of our peacebuilding Action Plan!