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" 2022 Action Plan – Rainbow, Daruma Doll, Big Brother Aloha – Steve Chinen "

Action Plan


Author and retired school counselor, Steve Chinen now has more time to spread the deepest meanings of rainbows, Aloha, and Daruma Dolls through his workbooks, Big Brothers and other outreach.  Steve’s book “Rainbows in Me: Values of Aloha” shows children the concept of diverse peoples living in harmony, achieved through Aloha values in Hawai‘i. Hawaii rainbows are a symbol of the uniting uncommonly diverse population in harmonious living thanks to the spirit of Aloha.
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Key principles are here:

Steve teaches children the principle of “7 times down, 8 times up”, demonstrating with the “Daruma Doll” and its story.
With no arms or legs, when you knock the Daruma Doll it comes back up!