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Understand the role of activist, appreciate the results of activism, conceive of a helpful action for one’s own community

Instructional Strategies

1) Engage participants to research, describe accomplishments, details, and media to share information about those who have acted to change conditions in the world.

2) Guide participants to each choose an activist to memorialize.

3) Guide creation of a display representing chosen activists.

4) Ask what impact they had, what if they had never lived?

5) Suggest participants think and discuss actions they could take to improve their community.

6) Assist participants in photographing and uploading their work to the collaboratory.

Participant Tasks

1) Brainstorm a list of activists, leaders, philosophers, philanthropists, and others who have made a difference in their communities and or the world.

2) Choose an activist to profile.

3) Identify the accomplishments, favorite quotes, images and videos you feel represent your activist.

4) Arrange on a wall or digital display.

5) Take a photo or take your digital file and upload it to the Collaboratory as a 'ResourceÓ.

6) Discuss with the group how things would be different if all the chosen activists had not chosen to act.

7) Determine how to take action to make a difference in your community, enter it in the Collaboratory as an Òaction PlanÓ.