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$1,812 Per Credit (a Two-year Master's Program Ranges From 36-42 Credits)

"American University – International Peace and Conflict Resolution Masters Program"

Program, Organization, Grad Undergrad Certificate Program


Why peace, why now? Humanity’s needs are predicated on peace. Evidence shows that peaceful means of change are more effective and sustainable than violence. We also know that peacemaking is no longer the exclusive province of governments. Communities and citizens are now actively engaged in peacemaking. IPCR stands at the leading edge of innovative research and practice in conflict mitigation and peacebuilding.

Our faculty and students often work together on projects that make a difference in the lives of vulnerable peoples. Join us in this mission! American University, located in the heart of Washington DC, is the ideal location to develop the skills for an exciting career in global peacemaking.The IPCR program requires 39 credit hours of graduate coursework and a capstone that can be completed in two years (full-time) or up to six years (part-time).

The curriculum distinguishes itself by offering diverse courses that cover everything from the role of art in post-war healing to dealing with memories of the past to countering violent extremism in fragile states. The rigorous curriculum combines instruction from renowned practitioners, opportunities for internships and fieldwork, and the development of useful skills for a career in peacebuilding. Beyond building strong theoretical foundations, IPCR students learn practical approaches to peacebuilding, negotiation and mediation, reconciliation, and cross-cultural communication.

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