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"A'ohe Na Kanaka O Hawai'i, A'ohe Hawai'i (Without the People of Hawai'i, There is no Hawai'i)-Waimanalo, Hawaii."

Action Plan


Pua chose to take action on personally learning more about her culture, with the eventual goal of convincing her school and Hawai’i Department of Education DOE schools to tell a more accurate version of Hawaiian history. She sought a version that better recognizes the pain and lingering effects of the overthrow, as well as the history of the silencing of ‘Olelo Hawai’i. She, along with her fellow classmates, taught their peers the words and meaning to A’ohe Na Kanaka O Hawai’i, A’ohe Hawai’i (Without the People of Hawai’i, There is no Hawai’i)-Waimanalo, Hawaii. to share at our forum. Waimanalo, Hawaii.