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"Berghof Foundation Peace Counts"



Peace Counts is a unique combination of peace education and peace journalism. It started out as an initiative of journalists who travelled to over 30 conflict regions to report about individuals making peace. The reports were published in the media and used to create an exhibition called �Peacebuilders around the World�.

Peace Counts on Tour brings this exhibition to conflict regions. The best-practice examples of successful peacebuilders inspire people and encourage them to take action for peace in their own region or country. The exhibition is accompanied by a training programme| which uses specifically adapted multimedia materials and the Peace Counts Learning Package.

The training programme is designed for multipliers. It strengthens their identity as peacebuilders and encourages them to work towards peaceful solutions for violent conflicts. During the workshops| participants are introduced to a variety of peace education methods. Many of them go on to integrate these approaches into their own working environment. Thus| they reuse or adapt the educational materials distributed during the training in their own educational work.

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