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"Rocky Mountain High – Bruno’s Amazing Adventures – Bk #1"



This book is set in Rocky Mountain National Park (RNMP) in Estes Park, Colorado and encourages children to explore nature and to play outdoors.

Not so long ago, not so far away, a rather fluffy Bernese Mountain Dog named Bruno spent his days exploring the forests of Colorado and playing in the sun as it flickered through the trees. On one particularly beautiful summer morning, Bruno decided that it would be the perfect day for an outdoor adventure.

Join Bruno, King of Rocky Mountain National Park, on a lighthearted adventure through the wonderful Rockies. With the help of his good friend Ally, Bruno and his friends learn the ropes of hiking, sailing, and camping all while coming to appreciate the great outdoors.

From the founder of the FreeBird Foundation of Evergreen, Colorado, this story of friendship and nature is sure to warm hearts of all ages.

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