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"Bruno’s Amazing Adventures – Series"

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The children’s book series Bruno’s Amazing Adventures was created by Juliette Winningham, founder and Executive Director of the FreeBird Foundation of Evergreen, Colorado.  This children’s series addresses issues related to life and personal development.  Mrs. Winningham and her co-authors, experts in their various career fields,  impart wisdom and important perspectives to help our children feel their value, treat others with empathy, see the world though new lenses, “changing the world, one child at a time.”  Bruno, the lead character, makes friends and helps them to face a variety of challenges along the way in his adventures around the world.  Each author identified a nonprofit organization to aid through a portion of their book’s profits.

Rocky Mountain High – Bruno’s Amazing Adventures – Book One
The Adventures of Tua Pru – Bruno’s Amazing Adventures – Book Two
The Big Fire – Bruno’s Amazing Adventures – Book Three
Rescued, A Story of Redemption – Bruno’s Amazing Adventures – Book Four
Can a Zebra Change Its Stripes? – Bruno’s Amazing Adventures – Book Five
Journey to Ananda – Bruno’s Amazing Adventures – Book Six

In Hawai‘i, the “Bruno’s Amazing Adventures” series is introduced by STAHRS (STudents & Athelets for Healthy RelationshipS) whose mission is “Lowering the trajectory of violence in our schools, families, and communities” and byline is “Changing locker room behaviors & attitudes.”

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