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Our vision is to transform the way the world resolves violent conflict so that people work together to build peaceful and inclusive societies.

Our purpose is to bring people together to find creative and sustainable paths to peace.

We challenge the status quo to find creative approaches to addressing violent conflict. We believe in working collaboratively, over the long-term. By working together, we can make peace possible.

Violent conflict is difficult, complex and political. But peacebuilding works. Over the next five years, we will focus on improving the quality of peace processes and support to peace initiatives. This means applying, testing and learning from approaches that are inclusive, sustainable and transformative, and advocating the adoption of effective international policy priorities.

Our Strategic Plan is built around four major goals:

  1. Goal 1. Adaptive and alternative paths to peace Peacebuilding overcomes barriers to creating peaceful societies.
  2. Goal 2. Connecting people and peace efforts More coherent initiatives help prevent and reduce violent conflict.
  3. Goal 3. Inclusion, gender and influence Excluded groups influences approaches to building peace.
  4. Goal 4. People centered policy International peacebuilding support puts people first.

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