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"Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies Certificate @ Tri-C"

Program, Organization, Grad Undergrad Certificate Program


Area of Study: Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies
Degree/Certificate: Short-Term Certificate

Mission: The Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies program at Cuyahoga Community College empowers students through innovative instruction to understand and transform human conflict, promoting peace in the family, community, and world.

Learn to lead and communicate more effectively during times of conflict to influence positive, sustainable change, and transform relationships in your family, workplace, community and the world.

The intent of the certificate is to:

  • Explore why conflict occurs in society – from interpersonally to internationally.
  • Learn how to engage conflict in positive and constructive ways to promote sustainable peace.
  • Acquire knowledge for applying conflict and peace frameworks for promoting social justice oriented change.
    • Leadership – cultural awareness, conflict intelligence, consensus building, group facilitation
    • Business – effective communication, management, negotiation
    • Human and Social Services – de-escalation, active listening, mediation
    • Additional competencies – transformational thinking, decision making, compassion and empathyEnhance communication skills to improve leadership effectiveness in diverse contexts.

      Skills and Abilities Developed in Certificate

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