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$2400 For 4 Month, 4 Course Certificate Series

"Conflict Resolution – Cornell Certificate Program"

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Effective conflict management is an essential skill for every leader and aspiring leader. When harnessed productively, conflict can be a force to build both company culture and competitive advantage.

This certificate will equip you to surface issues within your workplace and successfully navigate challenging conversations with direct reports, peers, or supervisors where emotions run high and positive outcomes are critical. You’ll master the skills needed to assess, scope, and diagnose issues from all sides, understand different personal styles, and implement a proven problem-solving approach to find workable resolutions that strengthen relationships and results.

The courses in this certificate program are required to be completed in the order that they appear. This program includes a year of free access to Symposium! These events feature several days of live, highly participatory virtual Zoom sessions with Cornell faculty and experts to explore the most pressing leadership topics. Symposium events are held several times throughout the year.

Once enrolled in your program, you will receive information about upcoming events. Throughout the year, you may participate in as many sessions as you wish. Attending Symposium sessions is not required to successfully complete the certificate program.

Diagnosing Workplace Conflict
Applying a Problem-Solving Approach to Conflict
Leading Challenging Conversations
Mediation for Managers
Leadership Symposium LIVE

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