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Design for Change:A Global Organization with Local Impact

Design for Change USA is the national affiliate of Design for Change World. Using a tried and proven design thinking framework – Feel, Imagine, Do, Share (FIDS), DFC is providing students a blueprint to make a world of change.

Through our signature framework, students are creating a more just, equitable and inclusive world!

Our Solution
DFC USA is non profit, with a simple, proven and out-of-box approach for teachers to:

Engage students in critical thinking and creative problem solving
Learn about the UN Global Goals
Use our tools and simple framework to solve big issues in their community
Inspire others to create change

A world where all young people have the knowledge, skills and mindsets to be designers of change.
DFC puts the power back into the classroom, so every student has the opportunity to learn how to solve big social issues.

Students have a voice.
They have opinions.

Students want to drive change.
Racial Justice
Educational Equity
Climate Change

Our Mission
We teach students how to think, not what to think, so they can make a world of change.

1. The challenge of our time
The big social issues of our times are not going away. Classrooms are a key place to have important conversations and engage students to design solutions.

2. Our work is the solution
Design for Change is a dynamic program that facilitates big conversations in the classroom and engages students to address the social issues of their time.

3. We train teachers
DFC gives teachers the framework, tools, and resources to help students imagine and design new solutions to old problems.

4. We help ALL students shine
Design for Change elevates the lived experience of all students, harnessing their power to transform themselves and their communities.

A framework for addressing the UN Global Goals
DFC has partnered with the World’s Largest Lesson to address the 17 Global Goals as determined by the United Nations. The DFC experience is carefully crafted to ensure a focus on the Global Goals at each of the four steps in the DFC process: Feel, Imagine, Do, Share. Students use this framework to think globally while acting locally, designing new and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

We offer a platform for teachers to support student projects.

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