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"GPPAC Peace Education Webinars"

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GPPAC consists of hundreds of civil society organisations from around the world and what unites them all is a dedication to conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Our working group – comprising civil society, practitioners, academia, and ministries of education representatives – is committed to lobbying for the endorsement of peace education in national curricula.
Learning to live together has become increasingly important in today’s divided world. Fear of the other and the rise of populism are causing societies to fracture from within. History teaches us that these tensions can lead to violent conflicts. However, compassion and empathy for the other can be taught and nurtured. Education is the key. The line of education that leads to more peaceful societies is known under different labels in different parts of the world, however the impact remains the same: the prevention of violent conflict. Peace education is a preventive action. Through a peace education webinar series, GPPAC’s peace education experts will share their decades of experience integrating peace education into formal (schools, colleges and universities) and informal (community) education structures.

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