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Tuition: $732 Per Credit Hour + $125/semester Student Service Fee Total Tuition: $11,290

"Institute for Humane Education Certificate Program – with Antioch University"

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What is Humane Education?
Humane education explores the connections between human rightsenvironmental sustainabilityanimal protection, and culture & changemaking with the goal of preparing people to address and solve systemic problems in ways that do the most good and least harm for humans, animals, and the natural world.

What you’ll learn through our grad programs

  • To teach about the interconnected issues that affect people, animals, and the environment using an intersectional, solutionary approach.
  • To inspire and educate for change.
  • To employ education for effective changemaking in any setting.

There has never been a better time to become a humane educator – complete this inquiry form to learn more.


Program Overview:

The Graduate Certificate in Humane Education is comprised of the five core courses required for the master’s degrees in humane education (listed below). Students who already have a master’s or doctoral degree, or who are not interested in pursuing a full degree, are welcome to apply to the Graduate Certificate program to develop expertise in the foundations of humane education and learn to educate effectively on behalf of people, animals, and the environment.

This 15-credit Graduate Certificate program in Humane Education is delivered online, allowing students to remain in their teaching professions and/or communities while attending graduate school.

Graduate Certificate Career Outlook

Graduate Certificate students who are classroom educators at all levels add this 15-credit certificate to their existing credentials, enabling them to teach new content areas and advance their careers through opportunities where post-graduate work is preferred. Those who are not classroom teachers apply their learning, and their certificate credential, to a wide variety of endeavors, initiatives, and professions that focus on changemaking.

Stacy Hoult-Saros

“My humane education coursework has transformed every aspect of my teaching, from developing courses on relevant, engaging topics to implementing solutionary projects that cultivate empathy as they encourage critical, creative and systems thinking. The Graduate Certificate program was the most meaningful and impactful professional development experience of my 30-year career in higher education.”

Dr. Stacy Hoult-Saros, Graduate Certificate in Humane Education, Professor of Spanish at Valparaiso University


Students are required to take the five foundational courses in humane education:
– Introduction to Humane Education
– Environmental Ethics
– Animal Protection
– Human Rights
– Culture and Change

Course descriptions can be found here.

Tuition: $732 per credit hour + $125/semester student service fee
Total tuition: $11,290

Please see Tuition and Admission for more information.

Financial Aid Available

Admissions Requirements: an undergraduate degree from an accredited university, two letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, $50 application fee.

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