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"International Peace and Conflict Resolution @ Arcadia University"

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International Peace and Conflict Resolution

A Philadelphia-area master’s degree program that provides a theoretical foundation and practical applications of peace conflict resolution and social justice through project-based learning, internships, and study abroad.


Peacebuilding in a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has eclipsed the planet and created a multitude of challenges for societies around the world. The need for peacebuilding has reached an incredible high as we respond to COVID-19. The IPCR graduate program remains committed to providing quality education and practitioner skill development for our students that incorporates unique and innovative virtual platforms. While our physical engagement may be limited, we are using this time to reach further and wider into the world to build peace together.

Learn Global and Local Peace Building

Our two-year*, cohort-based Master’s program will train you to be a skilled practitioner who is able to develop innovative approaches to global and local peacebuilding and development. You will be well-prepared for careers in the nonprofit/nongovernmental organization sector, as well as in other public, private, and academic fields.

Through project-based learning, global fieldwork, and internships, you will develop practical, operational skills in peace and conflict resolution and international development. In your classes, you will work with interdisciplinary faculty scholars to understand the social, political, historical, and economic contexts in which peace and conflict are produced.

*Dual Degree Programs may take longer, depending on the length of the additional program.

Our Programs

International Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR)


IPCR Dual Degree Programs
  • International Relations and Diplomacy & IPCR​​Study in Paris, France.
  • Counseling & IPCR. Trauma and conflict focus.
  • Public Health & IPCR. Earn M.P.H. and M.A. degrees.

    Program at a Glance

    • Two-year full-time program; part-time option available.
    • Program cohort begins in the fall.
    • Degree conferred and Commencement occurs after the second spring semester.
    • Spend one week studying abroad with your cohort.
    • Complete your internship requirement in the U.S. or abroad.
    • Individualized Capstone project aligned with career aspirations.

    Dual Degree Options

    In addition to the Master of Arts degree, Arcadia offers dual degree options:

    • IPCR/International Relations and DiplomacyThree-year program leading to dual Master of Arts degrees. One and a half years in Glenside and one and a half years at the American Graduate School in Paris, France.
    • IPCR/Counseling. Three-year program in Glenside leading to dual Master of Arts degrees. Trauma and conflict focus; accredited counseling program.
    • IPCR/Public Health. Three-year program in Glenside leading to a Master of Public Health and Master of Arts degrees.

    Undergraduate Pathways

    Two pre-IPCR pathways are available to undergraduate students:

    • 4+1.5 Program: Students pursue a liberal arts undergraduate major in the social sciences or humanities, and then apply for admission to the IPCR program in their senior year.
    • 3+1.5 Accelerated Program: Students earn both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree in five years.

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