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"James Koshiba, Mindfulness Presentation @ Ceeds"



Koshiba with Kanu Hawaii is a writer and community organizer. Kanu strives to drive community change starting with the individual’s change. His talk is about 3 things he learned from his son and by trying to be a good father to his son.”The amount of violent conflict in the world at any moment is probably directly a result of the trauma those adults experienced as children. His 3 guiding principles are 1) have a peaceful heart even when I’m angry, 2) to pay attention to my gut feelings – na`au – and hellp my son know his na`au, – what do you think? what do you feel? What is your gut telling you? 3) watch for gifts in others and help my son look for others’ gifts. I want the adults in his life to be looking out for my son’s gifts. The good message about looking for everyone’s gifts doesn’t come until the very end.

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