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"ME!, Celebrate Identity Handout 4D"



Children will celebrate their own identify with confidence and pride.

Instructional Strategies

1) Prepare by assembling these supplies: Paper of various colors, at least 8" X 11", Crayons, Colored chalk, especially if black paper is one option, Colored Pencils, Old magazines to cut up, Scissors, Glue sticks 2) Ask the children to create a picture of themselves using any medium they have available. 3) Tell them that there aren't any rules except that they must use the paper provided so the portraits can all be put up on the wall of the classroom. 4) Let them work. Hang the pictures on the wall. As a class, admire the artwork. 5) Encourage a discussion about the portraits. 6) Take a picture of their work, if they don't mind. Upload it to the Co-Op Toolkit.

Participant Tasks

Create a self-portrait using any of the materials you have available. If you want to share your work, take a picture of your portrait and upload it to the Collaboratory.