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"Mindfulness Self-Assessment; Middle School-Adult Handout 1C"



Participants will increase their awareness of mindfulness practice through reflection.

Instructional Strategies

1. Distribute the Self-Assessment Activity sheet to participants. While meditating, you become aware of all your senses. It's important to acknowledge all that you notice during the process. 2. Reflect on what you noticed while you focused on your breathing; write what comes to mind as you answer these 6 questions: 3. What did you taste? Maybe you tasted something physical, or maybe you tasted something from a memory "What did you hear?" 4. What did you feel in your body or against your skin? 5. What did you see? Maybe what you saw was in the room; maybe what you saw was a memory 6. What did you smell? 7. How did you feel? Were you comfortable? Uncomfortable? Any emotions?

Participant Tasks

1. Write what you noticed while meditating. Read the prompts about all of your senses...

2. If you want to share with others, summarize and upload it to the Co-Op Toolkit.