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"Mosaic Social Emotional Learning"



Adaptable assessment, curriculum, and Professional Development (PD), online or blended delivery and seamlessly integrated into your learning management system. Also includes English learner options for curriculum and PD.
Student-Centered: Cultivate growth mindset and help students learn to manage anxiety and improve mental health. Help teachers support students through stressful times with engaging and meaningful resources.
Effective: Efficacy is our bread and butter, and our solutions have proven, tangible results. Our SEL resources will make a real and positive impact on your schools.
Measurable: Show how your community is growing! Our enhanced reporting means you can easily demonstrate all your progress.
Certified: Backed by CASEL and the IMS Global Learning Consortium, our SEL resources are approved by some of the most important experts in the industry and the people who really know what works, and why SEL is so important.

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