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"Peace Learning Center"

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Peace Learning Center offers programs for students, educators, parents, community and business.

We believe that disrupting harmful systems requires a comprehensive, intersectional approach. Each of our learning opportunities can stand alone or be paired with other domains to take participants’ learning deeper. Members of our staff can help your organization build a meaningful, intersectional plan for learning.

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Family Learning
Restorative Practices
Social Emotional Learning
Implicit Bias

Intro to Implicit Bias
This introductory workshop is 1.5 hours and focuses on building a basic awareness and general understanding of its impact. Participants will also be guided through self-reflection around how bias may show up in their lives.

Implicit Bias for Adults
This 4.5-hour workshop will guide participants from a basic awareness of implicit bias to a contextualized understanding of the concept during the first part of the workshop. From there, participants will be able to dive deeper by exploring tools for measuring their own implicit bias. They will also be provided with the knowledge and strategies necessary to disrupt implicit bias in their own lives.

Implicit Bias for Health Care Workers
This 4.5-hour workshop contains many of the same essential components as our general implicit bias workshop. However, it contextualizes participants’ understanding through a health care lens and provides strategies specific to the field.

Implicit Bias for Educators
This 4.5-hour workshop contains many of the same essential components as our general implicit bias workshop. However, it contextualizes participants’ understanding through an education lens with a race focus, identifying where IB has played a role in inequitable outcomes for Black and brown children, and provides strategies specific to the field.

Implicit Bias for Teens
This 1.5-hour workshop will build on teens’ understanding of stereotypes to build awareness of implicit bias, its impact, and how it can be disrupted.

Interrupting Microaggressions
This 2-hour workshop will define the term “microaggressions” and lead participants through a discussion that unpacks the term, its history, and its present impact. Participants will also be informed on ways to disrupt microaggressions in their lives.

Critical Conversations
This 2-hour workshop brings together foundations of SEL with an equity focus to inform participants on how to have challenging values-based conversations about issues of identity and bias. Participants will learn what helps and what hinders healthy dialogue, and they will be given time to practice skills for interrupting bias/prejudice/bigotry.

Equity Circles for Educators
Educators who engage with this 2-hour workshop will build their competency and confidence in leading proactive, content-based circles in their classroom. Participants should have attended prior training in restorative practices and antiracism.

Equity Dialogue Circles
This roughly 2-hour experience makes space for peers, neighbors, or colleagues to discuss a variety of topics with an equity focus. Dialogue circles meld practices from proactive circles and Civic Reflection. Our staff will work with group organizers to identify relevant topics and sources.

Analyzing Power for Equity
This 6.5-hour workshop identifies and defines power and oppression and analyzes how it is used in a variety of contexts. Participants will learn about the 4 I’s of Oppression and how power impacts different groups. The workshop asks participants to apply their power analysis to the institutions they connect with and their own roles, identifying opportunities to work for Equity. This workshop acts a foundational workshop for equity work. It can be completed in two 3-hour sessions or one full day.

Social Justice Leadership Camp
This two-week-long summer offering is for teens, and focuses on analyzing and building power. Over the course of the camp, participants will discuss topics of human rights and -isms and how they connect with communities in central Indiana. Participants will be connected with various resources and organizations in Indianapolis in order to encourage youth leadership.

Social Justice Leadership Workshops
These 1.5-hour workshops bring the Social Justice Leadership Camp experience into your classroom or out-of-school program. Over the course of 9 to 13 sessions, participants will be introduced to the same concepts as those explored during our summer offering. You can also choose from the list of offerings to complement your ongoing curriculum, in a one-time to 13-time experience. These can be done in-class or as a field trip to PLC.

History of Race
Over the course of three 3 hour long workshops, participants will be given ample opportunity to learn the often untold parts of our nation’s history. Workshops will address the evolution of race in the United States through a cultural and political lens. Through discussions and activities, participants will be able to see patterns of institutional oppression throughout U.S. history as well as dismantle common misconceptions. By analyzing the creation of the concept of race, as well as the tangible harm it has caused, participants will be able to see how injustice plays out in their own lives and what they can do to enact change in their communities

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