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"Peace Studies at Chapman University"

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Welcome to Peace Studies!

The peace studies program offers a major and minor which encourage students to analyze the sources of social conflict and explore the potential for the nonviolent resolution of such strife. The problem-centered, multicultural, and interdisciplinary program is premised on the belief that the analysis of conflict demands a thorough synthesis of insights from various fields of knowledge.

Peace Studies is an inherently interdisciplinary major, it is built around a core of five courses: Introduction to Peace Studies, Research Methods: Peace Studies, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Nonviolent Social Change and Conflict Resolution: Advanced Theory and Practice. These are supplemented with five additional courses offered in Peace Studies or related fields. Examples include:

  • Peace and Conflict in the Middle East
  • Race and Change in the U.S. and South Africa
  • Vietnam: War, Peace & Legacy
  • International Law
  • International Organization and World Order
  • Gender Roles

Finally, the Peace Studies student takes a concentration in one department of four courses to provide expertise in an area appropriate to his or her career choice. Internships in Peace Studies are encouraged to permit students the possibility of gaining practical experience. Included among the offerings are occasional study tours to countries such as Mexico (Chiapas), Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Cuba, and South Africa. Peace studies majors are strongly encouraged to consider overseas study.

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