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Free Access To Research, Program Cost $950 For 2 Years, Then $500 For Third Year Per Teacher

"Raising Healthy Children from Communities that Care, Social Developmental Research Group, University of Washington"

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The Raising Healthy Children program

is a social development approach to positive youth development. The school program is based on the belief that every teacher makes a difference in the life of a child, that every child can succeed, and that the family is an important partner in learning. No single entity can ensure the positive development of a community’s young people. That’s why the Raising Healthy Children program involves the school,the family, and peers to promote the positive development of students. The program takes roughly 3 years to implement.

Opportunities. Skills. Recognition.

The Social Development Strategy fosters the success and health of young people from before birth through every stage of development. It’s easy to use, easy to remember, and it works!

Providing young people with opportunities, skills and recognition strengthens bonding with family, school and community. Strong bonds motivate young people to adopt healthy standards for behavior.

This strategy has been tested and proven effective.

Protective Factors

Researchers have identified protective factors that increase the likelihood of health and success for children. The Social Development Strategy provides a way of increasing the protective factors for the youth in your community.

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