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"Rescued, A Story of Redemption – Bruno’s Amazing Adventures – Bk #4"

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Based on a true story at the Rancho Luna Lobos in Peoa, Utah, the book encourages children to overcome their personal challenges through persistence, dedication, and developing their strengths with a will to never give up.

Not so long ago, in a place not so far away, there was born a very special dog named Umber. Wonderfully soft and covered in lovely dark and golden fur, Umber was different from the other dogs. Umber was born blind.

Even though he couldn’t see, his nose and ears let him learn to run and play with the other dogs. Umber was happy in his little home with his friends and things might have gone on like that forever, but one day, something incredible happened. From that moment on, his life would change forever.

Join Umber and his friends as he learns that through hard work and dedication, even the impossible can be made real.


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