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"Safety & Team Performance"

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Safety in the workplace, especially industrial and construction sites, is a critical factor to efficiency and injuries to the workers who make it happen.  Safety incidents and injuries are highly correlated to human factors of team performance, co-worker relationships, and outside personal influences.  All of which can be tied to Emotional Intelligence.  Issues such as fatigue, mental health issues, substance abuse, personal relationships, and co-worker conflicts can greatly affect team performance and cohesion.  These human issues can decrease focus and team-work while greatly increasing the risk of injuries or catastrophic safety events.

The video was shot at the Cureton Midstream gas production facility in Keenesburg, Colorado in March 2022.  The team greatly appreciated the materials presented as it related to a serious incident that could have taken lives and been disastrous in other ways, such as a major explosion.  Six months after the Safety & Team Performance training, Alex Cordova, the facility manager reported that the team cohesion and performance remained highly positive with a correlated reduction in safety incidents and personal injuries.

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