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"STAHRS Mission Statement"

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This short video explains the mission of STudents & Athletes for Healthy RelatonshipS.  Our Mission is to Lower the Trajectory of Violence in our Schools, Families, and Communities by using a curriculum based on 20 years of court-ordered rehabilitative counseling services for relationship violence and an additional 12 years working with adults with chronic mental illness and intellectual disabilities.  IT’S ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS!!!  Our materials explain the basics of human psychology and human behaviors to explain how emotional baggage develops and effects our interpersonal relationships, whether its dating, peers, and eventually into the adult world.  Our Goals are to reduce teen dating violence, sexual assaults, and bullying.  STAHRS aims to teach young men and women about healthy relationship dynamics.  Young men need to understand why and how to respect young women.  Young women need to understand why they should never settle for less than full respect.  Love DOES NOT EQUAL chaos + drama!!!


And as a graduate of Columbine High School, our materials and education can help reduce the risks of school shootings as the perpetrators typically grew up with family violence, experienced personal rejection and bullying, and often had various levels of mental health issues.  STAHRS can make schools safer by educating the general population of students to understand the dynamics of bullying and victimization.  We can help develop Ambassadors of Change to act as a buffer between bullies and their victims. STAHRS can change the experience of those marginalized students who are often the targets of those students trying to find their personal strength.   We can explain the value of understanding the marginalized students and bringing them into the fold to change their internal experiences.  Bullies are trying to prove to themselves that they aren’t the weak and scared child who witnessed family violence yet felt powerless to protect their families members or themselves.  It takes a group of peers to protect those targeted.


Overall, STAHRS is trying to teach young men and women about Common Sense Made Obvious.  The beauty of working with teens is that the information and materials resonate with them as logical.  They haven’t had decades of adult life that reinforces the negative perceptions and lessons taught to them by their role models.  STAHRS can help students to de-bug and re-write the programs they received from the adults who showed them a dysfunctional “normal.”  STAHRS can help students to be more conscious to avoid the pitfalls and programming given to them by their role models.


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