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"Superpower Academy"

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A Google® study on performance found that the seven top skills for success in STEM jobs are social-emotional?
Skills such as dealing with emotions, learning from mistakes, listening and empathy enhance cognitive development, enable problem-solving and innovation, and empower effective leaders. Imagine the difference it would make if kids learned these skills from the beginning.

The Superpower Academy is a social and emotional + STEM monthy subscription box for kids ages 5-10. “Secret Missions” with hands-on maker projects promote a growth mindset| mindfulness| and skills like dealing with emotions| confidence and empathy.

Increased Self-Confidence and Emotion Regulation

Increased Positive Risk-Taking and Problem-Solving

Increased Capacity for Empathy and Positive Relationships

11% Increase in Academic Success

Increased Sense of Self Worth & Lifelong Success and Fulfillment

Begin Your Adventure!

Superpower Academy is a series of monthly boxes that build key Social, Emotional & STEM skills in a FUN way. A secret recording invites your child to join a society of heroes. Monthly Superpower Missions task your child with READing, BUILDing, and THINKing big ideas to save the day.

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