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"The Adventures of Tua Pru – Bruno’s Amazing Adventures – Book Two"



This book addresses two important aspect of our experience: first, the importance of taking care of our planet and focuses on the need to clean up the oceans and secondly, the main character, Tua Pru, becomes an emotional support for his human partner who develops significant health problems and goes through treatment.

Some time ago on a small island in a faraway sea, there lived a happy little pup called Tua Pru. Delightfully fluffy and full of energy, Tua Pru spent most days playing on the beach with his family or splashing through the water with his turtle friends. But one day something terrible happened that would change his peaceful world forever.

Join Tua Pru as he discovers what it means to be a friend, to be part of a family, and most of all, what it means to love others more than yourself.

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