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"The Big Fire – Bruno’s Amazing Adventures – Bk #3"

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The book, set in Rocky Mountain National Park, addresses the issues of bullying and judging of others for their differences.  With the aid of Bruno and a Park Ranger, the characters are encouraged to accept others for who they are despite their differences.  Acceptance and Inclusion are promoted to prevent bullying.

Some time ago in the hills of the Rocky Mountains there lived many families of delightfully happy bunnies. They spent their days hopping about the forests of Colorado and enjoying the peace of the mountains. But one fateful day disaster struck! Forced to move away from their old burrows, the bunnies set out in search of a new place to call home. Join Jared the bunny as he learns the meaning of true strength in a story of forgiveness and friendship.

NOTE:  STAHRS shares this book series in elementary schools in Hawai‘i. Reach out if your class would like to engage with STAHRS.

STAHRS STudents & Athletes for Healthy RelationshipS is a 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID 82-4518470.  Our mission is to lower the trajectory of violence in our schools, our families, and communities.  Be a STAHR Against Violence.  STAHRS participants will be the pebbles in the pond…

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