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"The Metta Center for Nonviolence"

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… is also known as “love in action.” As a constructive power, it’s unleashed when potentially destructive drives like fear or anger are converted into creative equivalents like love and compassion. Nonviolence, when harnessed systematically and in an experimental, scientific spirit, can be used as a force for realizing greater security, justice, and social unity.

“Nonviolence is more than putting another person in power. It’s about awakening a different kind of power in people. — Dr. Michael Nagler

Since 2017, Nonviolent Schools RI has been teaching educators how to use the power of Kingian Nonviolence to enrich their classrooms and create cohesive communities based on mutual respect and understanding. They recognize the urgent need to apply Dr. King’s principles and strategies of Nonviolence to reconcile conflict that will, in turn, support all learners in their classrooms.

Nonviolent Schools RI ‘s 2022 Virtual Global Summer Institute is the premiere professional development experience for educators who envision learning spaces as inclusive and community-based. The Institute is a powerful, multi-disciplinary gathering designed for Kindergarten-college educators, support staff, school leaders, university students, and others who work with youth. The impactful content uses inquiry-based techniques and activities to inspire educators to continue to develop equitable and just learning communities.  Participants enjoy opportunities for dialogue, sharing, and learning from others, and will come away with lessons and activities to inspire themselves, and students of all ages, to practice a Nonviolence philosophy and to address conflict using nonviolent strategies.

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