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"Understanding Interpersonal Violence"

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Understanding Interpersonal Violence is a PowerPoint presentation designed to teach high school students and adults about human interactions and how they are affected by our emotional traumas and emotional baggage.   Insecurities, stemming from a wide variety of childhood experiences is carried through our adolescence and straight in to adulthood.  It affects intimate relationships and relationships with co-workers. It affects parenting too.  The program will address building healthy relationships, healthy communication skills, and healthy conflict resolution skills while highlighting how easily human insecurity can emerge through negative interactions.  The program also addresses tough issues such as domestic violence, teen dating violence, sexual assaults and bullying.  The sad reality is that teen dating violence statistic mirror the statistics of adult intimate partner violence, and Duane Barone, STAHRS Executive Director, is not afraid to be real with the students.  This short video takes you through the multi-hour presentation.

Please contact Duane at to make arrangements to meet with your students, faculty/staff, or employees, as the training is perfect for improving Emotional Intelligence and Team Cohesion and Performance.


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