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"Washington Peace Center Education Resource Guide"



The Washington Peace Center Offers Anti-Oppression Resources Ð Articles, exercises and trainings to dismantle oppression.
Communications Work Checklist Ð What to do when you are organizing an event
Direct Action Checklist Ð Information to remember before, during and after your actions.
Project Management & Online Communications/Conference Calls: A guide to the most cost-effective and user friendly resources for conferencing and project management.
Fundraising Resources Ð Tips and resources for doing your own fundraising.
Self-Care ResourcesÐ Creating a balance.
Training Resources Ð Places to get trained and agendas for doing trainings yourself.
Accessible Facilitation/Organizing Tips Ð Suggestions from and history of disability justice.
Making Your Event More Blind-Friendly Ð 15 tips from an event interpreter

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