Good Thinker’s Toolkit

A valuable resource for learning how to think critically and responsibly about multicultural and social justice issues. It is made up of seven letter prompts, each of which represents a different thinking strategy. Each letter can be used to generate a question or claim. W-R-A-I-T-E-C is below:

W WHAT do you mean by that?
R – what are the REASONS?
A – what is being ASSUMED, or, what can I ASSUME?
I – can I INFER ________ from _______ ? or, where are there INFERENCES being made?
T – is what is being said TRUE and what does it imply if it is TRUE?
E – are there any EXAMPLES and/or EVIDENCE to prove what is being said?
C – are there any COUNTER-EXAMPLES/EVIDENCE to disprove or test the limits of what is being said?

(Makaiau, A.S. and Jackson, T., 2015)