Peace Relevant Literature

Multiple peace education and character education books exist (go to for many book titles). Use throughout all lessons and have readily available in the classroom/home/library. Look to our resource lists in order to build your own peace education resource library or find culturally relevant literature on topics such as compassion (“Wonder”), courage (“Say Something”), conservation (“The Lorax”), or community (“999 Tadpoles”) to use during circle times and free reading times, in order to reinforce the other efforts you are making. Explore the nature and consequences of war with “Waterloo and Trafalgar,” “The Grumpy Little King,” and “The Butter Battle Book.” Such literature can be used to help youth reflect upon and discuss the great loss and sorrow of war, empathize with its victims, understand that a small act of violence can often escalate into something much larger, and empower them to make different choices and find nonviolent solutions to conflict. Have them craft their own books telling stories of peace and war, compassion, community, or courage.